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Sposób na produkcję

Sposób na produkcję
Pomagamy Kubusiowi
Pomagamy Kubusiowi

Automatic line packaging machine of food for the birds.

Line designed for production and packing food for birds. Mostly fat ball and food for bees.


The parts of line:

  1. Counterflow mixer with a capacity of  V = 1000 l, to the weight of 800 kg ((Note: mixer has a double wall with heating and equipped with a dispenser for dispensing)
  2. The form for making balls with a capacity of 80 units/minute
  3. Two automatic packing machines with a capacity of 40 pieces/min
  4. Feeders supplying balls
  5. Automatic flow pack packaging finished products (balls)

 For additional equipment entire line must be refrigerated Frigo tunnel with a length of 5-6 m. that cools to a temperature of 4 ° C



autoat pakujacy do kul tłuszczowych

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